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Vous trouverez ici un groupe et un espace accueillant pour partager vos photos, les critiquer, échanger et apprendre sur tout ce qui fait la photographie : le matériel, la technique, le post traitement, la retouche, les inspirations etc

Nous organisons aussi des sorties photo dans la vraie vie pour nous rencontrer, shooter et boire une bière.

Attention, Regards photo pourrait bien devenir votre deuxième maison !


  • Ca vous dit déposer vos photos sur unsplash ?

    Les réactions des utilisateurs de DP-review sont intéressantes. Notamment celle-ci :

    I’ve been a hobby photographer for over fifty years, and taken a lot of great photos in all that time. However, it is extremely unlikely I’ll ever get anyone to pay much for any of my photos. I also recall after my mom, another very serious amateur photographer died, NO ONE would accept any of her thousands of 35MM slides, so they all ended up in the trash with no one ever seeing any of them again.

    Not wanting the same to happen to my lifetime of photography, I signed up with Unsplash several years ago, and am among their top 10%, based on photos downloaded every month.

    Obviously, Unsplash isn’t for everyone. But if you have a lot of good photos that are never going to sell commercially, and wish SOMEONE could see and appreciate them, Unsplash is a great free way to make it happen.

    Here’s a link to my album there:

    et cette réponse :

    Got your point of course, but your mother and yourself managed to take all these pictures because you had a job, being paid for. What about, just like me as a photographer, someone would pull out a digital tool making you lose your job?

  • @Brata bah je sais pas trop!! Après lecture

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