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Vous trouverez ici un groupe et un espace accueillant pour partager vos photos, les critiquer, échanger et apprendre sur tout ce qui fait la photographie : le matériel, la technique, le post traitement, la retouche, les inspirations etc

Nous organisons aussi des sorties photo dans la vraie vie pour nous rencontrer, shooter et boire une bière.

Attention, Regards photo pourrait bien devenir votre deuxième maison !

Kirk’s Rules of choosing Action over Activity

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    Merci !

    Aller, je me permets d’en citer 2 phrases parfaites à mon gout :

    “All the things I really need to know to create are already locked away in my brain, I just need to be still and quiet enough to open that door.”

    "I have a smaller card tacky waxed to the bottom edge of my monitor that says, “To stop suffering stop thinking.” "

    Et le truc qu’il faudrait vraiment faire :

    “As an exercise, when I’m out walking around with my camera I make it a point to approach a stranger each time and ask them if we can make a portrait together. If I get turned down, I approach someone else until I find someone who’s willing to put a toe across the fear line and play. The image isn’t always stellar. Hell, it’s rarely great work. But it gives me the practice and the tools to abate my fears so that when the right muse comes along I am ready and willing to give it my best shot. Practice doesn’t make perfect. Practice frees your art. Relentless activity depletes that same energy like air escaping from a balloon.”

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